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Sri Ahobila Mutt








In 1951, the 42nd Jeeyar(the Head of the Ahobila Mutt),arranged for the purchase of two plots in Chembur with an area of 1414 square yards and in May 1952, an additional plot measuring 652 square yards. In 1968, the Temple cum Kalyana Mandapam (Marriage Hall) came up in an incredibly short time and enabled His Holiness Srivan Satakopa Sri Vedanta Desika Yatindra Mahadesika,(the 44th Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Mutt), to have it's consecration (Samprokshanam) on 25th August, 1968.


The Temple cum Hall Complex consists of a temple with 3 stone idols (Moola Murthies) of Lord Sri Lakshmi Nrisimha, the presiding deity of the Mutt, in the centre, with Lord Sri Lakshmi Narayana on His left and Lord Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva, the Lord of Wisdom, on His right. This is one of the few Temples in India to have three Moola Murthies in one Sanctum Sanctorum (Sannidhi). In the Praharam, there are stone idols of Ganapati, Srinivasa (Balaji), Jwala Nrisimha, Guruvayurappan (Lord Krishna) and Suryanarayana. Outside the temple, are idols of Garuda and Hanuman. The temple is adorned with a small Gopuram and Vimanam called VIJAYADWAJA VIMANAM.

The Sannidhi also has exquisite Utsava Murthies (idols which are to be taken out in procession) of Lord Sri Prahalada Varada with his consorts SriDevi and BhooDevi, Andal, Sri Sudarsana, Sri Ramanuja, Sri Vedanta Desika, Sri Adivan Satakopan, Nammalvar and silver idols of Sri Jwala Nrisimha and Selvan.

The Temple cum Hall Complex is managed by a committee of dedicated persons appointed by the Jeeyar and is presently headed by Shri. K. Thirumalai, who is also the Mutt's agent for the entire state of Maharashtra.

In February 1996, the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai decided to rename the road on which the Temple is situated as Sri Ahobila Mutt Road (formerly 8th Road)

Activities of Sri Ahobila Mutt

Important festivals celebrated in the Temple are:

  • Sri Nrisimha Jayanti (April / May)
  • Rama Navami (April)
  • Avatara Utsavam (Anniversary of consecration - August / September)
  • Navaratri (September)
  • Pavitrotsavam (Purification ceremony - October / November)
  • Deepavali (October / November)
  • Hanuman Jayanti (December / January)
  • Vaikunta Ekadasi (December / January)
  • Birth Anniversaries of Alwars (Vaishnavite Saints), Jeeyars
  • Makara Sankranti (Pongal - January)
  • Panguni Uttiram (March)

The Utsava Murthies are taken in procession on the streets of Chembur on all of the above days as well as on other auspicious occasions. The Utsava Murthies are placed in one of the following Vahanams (vehicles) - Garuda (Eagle), Hanuman, Sesha (Serpent) and Hamsa (Swan) Vahanams.

The Temple and Hall Office is open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM on all days. The sevas to be performed in the Temple can be booked in the Temple office. The Temple office also helps arrange, for a limited number of persons, accommodation at the Ahobila Mutt Complex at Tirumala, Tirupati. It also accepts subscriptions for Nrisimha Priya - a monthly, bi-lingual (English & Tamil) publication of the Ahobila Mutt.

Facilities available in the Marriage Hall:

  • Two storeyed structure
  • Air conditioned Hall on the first floor capable of accommodating 500 - 600 people
  • Two air conditioned rooms adjoining this Hall for use of the marriage parties
  • A dining hall on the ground floor capable of seating 250 - 300 people at a time
  • A well laid out kitchen with piped gas connection
  • A panel of caterers suggested by the Managing committee
  • An open area adjoining the dining area for additional catering needs

Facilities available at the Vasantha Mandapam:

This is mainly intended for religious Hindu functions only
No catering is permitted but arrangements for catering are available at a nearby premises

Address for contact:
Sri Ahobila Mutt's Lakshmi Nrisimha Lakshmi Narayana Temple,
Sri Ahobila Mutt Road (8th Road), Chembur,
Mumbai - 400071.
91-22-528 7183.

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