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Bhanu Kumar meets B Anantharam, a man of many awards

The violin is a versatile instrument. It is a soloist and also an indispensable accompaniment, whether in vocal concerts or in dance performances.

B Anantharaman, or Ravi as he is known, is an accomplished young violinist. A software professional who straddles the world of music as well, Ravi initially trained at Chembur advanced training under S V Ramachandran for 12 long years.

He has given performance all over the country and abroad. He has accompanied renowned artistes like Smt D K Pattamal and Bombay Jayashree at many prestigious organisation like Shanmukhananda, Nehru Centre and NCPA. He has also been a part of the orchestra for dance performances of famous artistes like Hema Malini, Meenakshi Seshadri and Chitra Visweswaran. His overseas stints boast of programmes in Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich, Berne and at Indian Cultural Festival, Nantes, France.

He is scholarship recipient for five consecutive years from Chembur Fine Arts School and prize-winner at Shanmukhananda Sabha in 1985, 1988, at Synergy (NITIE) 1987, 1988 and 1989 and Mood Indigo in 1990. He has been titled Sur-mani by Sur Singar Sansad, Mumbai. His published recording with Aruna Sayeeram and Padma Ganapathy are part of his achievements.

Anantharaman's support on the violin is clear, competent and creditable. The delicate nuances and harmonious overtones of his playing style enhance the effect of his every concert. By perfecting the line he has chosen to nurture, he delivers quality performance. His novel attempt at blending rhythm with melody. Soundaryalaya, is a joint effort with his brain-partner Shakaranarayanan. The cohesive interaction of 12 artistes on various stringed and percussion instrument resulted in an aesthetic melody, appreciation.

He has been widely acclaimed by music critics and journalists over the years. All this augers well for a bright future ahead for this accomplished artiste.

Courtesy : Bombay Times
Date : 17/07/2001

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