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Ustad Abdul Latif Khan - Sarangi

Ustad Abdul Latif KhanUstad Abdul Latif Khan comes from a traditional family of musicians from Gwalior, birthplace of one of the leading gharanas of of classical Khyal style singing. From his childhood he was taught vocal music by his grandfather Haidar Khan and his father, Chhote Khan. Later he also studied various instruments such as Sitar, Santur and Tabla. His uncles, Uday Khan and Haddu Khan also instructed him in music. Soon he was to discover his love for the sarangi, which he mastered under the great Bade Ghulam Sabir Khan. His specialty is a strictly vocal conception of playing, which is no less expressive than the human voice.

Ustad Abdul Latif Khan has played at the most prestigious music festivals all over India, both as a soloist and as an accompanist. In 1989 he performed at the Sarangi Mela in his hometown Bhopal, an impressive get-together of more than 120 sarangi-players.

Ustad Adul Latif Khan is regarded as one of the leading sarangi-players today. He is respected as a soloist and as a highly responsive accompanist. Among the vocalists he accompanied are such masters as Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Amir Khan, Hirabai Barodekar, Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan, Mallikarjun Mansur and Kishori Amonkar. He has received numerous awards, among them the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1992.


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