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Durga Prasad born in a family of rich musical tradition,he was initiated in to the niceties of music at an early age of nine by his father Shri.ALLAM KOTESWARA RAO who is a great and well known Gottuvadyam Vidwan retired from the service of All India Radio, Chennai. Later he had his regorous training in this instrument from his Guru Late. SHRI. KALASIKHAMANI A. NARAYANA IYER.

He rapidly climed the ladder of excellence with his awareness, sense of tonal quality, precision in handling the instrument and also trained in vocal music in the Music Academy under the renowned late Shri. SANDHYAVANDANAM SRINIVASA RAO. Completed Teachers Training Course (Vocal) in Music Academy, Chennai in the year 1981. Completed 'Vadya Praveena' Course (Gootuvadyam) in Shri.Venkateswara University, Tirupathi, in the year 1984.


The attractive features in his playing is tonal purity and rhythermatic balance. As a performer Durga prasad's approach to music is orthodox and as well as creative with rich experience of over 20 year's. He has performed at various prestigious Sabhas, Organisations and music festivals all over the country and abroad and won great appreciation from Listeners and critics He has also taken part in Film music by playing Gootuvadyam to many reputed music Directors like Ilayaraja, A.R.Rehaman, Deva and many others. At an early age he had the previlage of great Mridangam Stalwarts accompanying to his concerts like, Shri. Karaikudi R.Mani , Shri. Guruvayur Durai, Shri. Vellore Ramabadran, Shri.Ylla Venkateswara Rao and others.

Performance in India and Abroad

He has performed at various music sabha's like,
a) Chennai - Music Academy - Shanmukhananda Sabha.  
b) Mumbai - Sangeetha Nataka Academy.  
c) Delhi

and also performed in Radio Sangeeth Samleelan's, Doordarshan National Programmes and Private Televison Channels.

He has also performed various music festivals held in abroad at SriLanka, Australia and Singapore.

Awards & Titles

To his credit, he was awarded Talent Promotion Award from Tamil Nadu Eyal Isai Nataka Mandram in the year

e)1980 First Prize in plucking instrument competition of ALL INDIA
   RADIO in the year

f)1982 First Prize in Talent Promotion Concert by Krishna Gana Sabha

g)1986 Awarded by Music Academy- Chennai, for the best
Gottuvadyam Concert in  the year

h)1990 'SANGEETHA VADYA RATHNA' title in the year

i)1993 and "YUVA KALA BHARATHI" title in the year

j) 1998 - 99 from Bharat Kalachar - Chennai .

Present Status

Durga Prasad as an 'A' grade performer, of a staff member of "vadya vrinda"- the orchestral group of ALL INDIA RADIO, Chennai.


Recently he has been venturing on 'Unique Combination' of Gottuvadyam and Flute Duet, a novel approach inspired by the mridangam maestro Shri. Karaikudi R.Mani.His recording career has also been equally impressive as in reflected in cassettes and Cds he has to his credit.


It is more difficult to gain mastery over this instrument, yet capable of bringing out finer nuances if played by expert hands. Durga Prasad is one of such very few musicians to handle this rare instrument at ease.

Durga Prasad is not only traditional but is also very innovative to new ideas. After years of pain taking research to make sevaral changes in the design of the instrument in order to improvise its tonal quality and versatality. He minimised the length of the instrument from its original form and also altered the traditional pitch 'G' to pitch 'C' with an inbuilt pickup for better resonance, sustain,protability and named it as "ATHICHITRAVEENA".

Balasai born in a family of rich musical tradition, started his initial training at the age of 9 from his father Shri. B.SUDARSANA RAO.

After years of arduos and dedicated "Sadhana" and training under the guidance and direction of great Masters like Shri T. SANJEEVI, Shri. SANGEETHAM MEERA SAHIB


Balasai has lent his own artistic , individual and innovative creations on the wood wind. In his dextrous hands the flute emerges from its pastoral background to express music of unsurpassed elegance.

As a soloist and "A" grade artiste, he has performed for many prestigious sabhas and organisations all over the country which includes programmes held under the auspices of Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam, the prestigious Bharat Cultural Integration Committee's "Spirit of Unity" concerts,which crusades for National Unity through culture. He has also played Radio Sangeeth Sammelan concerts for A.I.R.,and appeared in the National Programmes for Doordarshan & Star Network.

He had the privilege of great Mridangam stalwarts accompanying to his concerts like, Shri. Palghat Raghu, Shri. Karaikudi R. Mani, Shri. Guruvayur Durai, Shri. Vellore Ramabhadran etc. He has recorded many Cassettes & Cd's to his credit. As a composer he has composed music for Dance ballets and Devotional albums and has also done music assistance to many reputed music directors.

Balasai is not only classical by temperment and training, but is also remarkably modern in his outlook, and susceptible to new ideas. Recently he has been performing an "Unique Combination" of Flute & Gottuvadyam duet, without the usual accompaniment Violin, a novel approach inspired by the Mridangam Maestro Shri.Karaikudi R. Mani. He plays the western classical key flute also, and has been associated with the film industry for the past decade. He has been conferred the title of "YUVA KALA BHARATHI" awarded by Bharath Kalachar for the year 1998.

He has travelled abroad extensively visiting U.S.S.R.,U.S.A, U.K.,Japan, Switzerland, Iraq, Canada, Australia and the Middle East and has performed in many music festivals.

A versatile artist with a fine professional record on the platform, displaying the maturity, fluency and power of a veteran, Balasai has inspired confidence in the hearts of music lovers who fear for the future of classical music.

Philanthropic Gestures 

On the instructions of His Holiness former jeer of Ahobila Mutt, Srirangam, the Sisters recorded a Cassette of Songs in praise of the presiding Deity of SRI RANGAM, Lord Ranganatha, called 'VYJAYANTHI' and donated the proceeds of the sale of this cassettes to the construction of  'MOTTAI GOPURAM' AT Srirangam. The Sisters recorded two cassettes on BRHAMASWAROOPINI for the Brhmaswaroopini Trust and donated the sale proceeds to the same Trust.

 Bombay Sisters donated a sum of Rs.One Lakh to the Ganamandir Trust for the publication of the book "COMPOSITIONS OF THYAGARAJA', compiled and edited by
Sri T.K. Govinda Rao.

 They have recorded a cassette titled 'JAYA JAYA SANKARA HARA HARA SANKARA' to mark the birth centenary celebrations of KAMAKOTI Jagadguru PARAMACHARYAR, Sri Chandra sekhara Swamigal and humbly placed the Royalty proceeds to the kamakoti peetam. Recorded two cassettes by Audiofine, titled "GANESA ANJALI" & "NARAYANA ANJALI" and donated the proceeds of the cassettes to kamakoti peetam.

For the cause of medical treatment to deserving patient's, the sisters have donated Rs.50,000/- to the Hindu Mission Hospital Tambaram for a patients bedroom in the name of their parents.

Similarly an amount of Rs.50,000/- was donated to Sankara Nethralaya, College Road, Chennai for their research in eye treatments.


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