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Late Sri M. S. Hariharabhagavather

Mr.  M.  H. Parameshwar approached couple of months ago and asked me if I can get the following article about his father (Sri M. S. Hariharabhagavathar)  and  his desire to start a music library in Bombay, posted in the Internet.  I readily agreed  and  I  inturn asked   Mr.  Ravi,  who  posted  three articles for me before. Mr. Parameshwar is also in possession of a lot of news paper articles published  in the 1960s about the Carnatic musicians and they will be published soon as well.

( Hi, I am Ganesan Nagasubramanian and if you have any suggestions   or  comments  please  call  at  505/844-1684  (w)   or fax - 505/844-6972 or email- or you can contact  Mr. Parameshwar  himself at the address given at the end of the article.  With great melancholy and sadness I record  the  demise  of Mr. S. Krishnamoorthy who wrote about T.  N. Rajarathanam Pillai, M. Viswanatha Iyer, and G. N. Balasubramanian, recently  (September  30,   1997)  at  the  age  of  92  at his home in Madras.   He promised me to write about  "Tiger"  Varadhachariar,   Kanchipuram Nina Pillai and Palladam Sanjeeva Rao.  These will remain only as a promise and never be completed. We have lost a treasure for ever. )

          Late Sri M. S. Hariharabhagavathar

Sri  M. S. Hariharabhagavathar was born in Mangalam Village (Palghat village) in Kerala.  His father Sri Subramania  Bahagavathar was  a  famous  violinist  who had accompanied great vidwans like "Tiger" Varadachariar, Palghat Rama Bhagavathar, Musiri,  Chembai etc.   It was this influence that he persuaded "Tiger" to take his son Sri   Hariharabhagavathar under his tutelage. Sri   Hariharabhagavathar   did  gurukulavasam  and studied music under the great "Tiger" for nearly ten years.  Sri M. D. Ramanathan and  Sri  M. A.   Kalyanakrishna Bhagavathar were his close cousins.  In short, the whole family was music  oriented.  Sri  Hariharabhagavathar's brother  Sri   Narayanaswamy is a violinist of repute.  Sri  Hariharabhagavathar had a lot of disciples in  Trichur  (Kerala)  and Bombay.   He   had  given  several concerts in Madras, Trichur and Bombay.  Great stalwarts like Sri Rajamanikam Pillai, Sri Chowdiah,  Sri  Govindaswamy   Naicker, Sri Palghat T. S. Mani Iyer, Sri Palani Subramania Pillai, Sri Palghat R. Raghu et., had  accompanied  him  on  his  concerts.Sri   Hariharabhagavathar is a man of clean habits.  He dedicated his entire life for music.  He was 71 years old when he expired in January 1987.  He spent a major part of his life in Bombay.  He has four sons and one daughter.

His son M. H. Parameshwar intends to start a  private  music  library in memory of his father Sri M. S. Hariharabhagavathar.  The library would be provided with vintage recordings of  great  vidwans.   Music    recordings of great masters for nearly 4000 hours have already been collected for the library by M. H. Parameshwar. The music library will be having music books and also concert and other recordings of all musicians.   The  intention   of  starting this library is to propogate Indian music.  The library will hold
concert recordings of all  masters  in  Carnatic  and  Hindustani styles  in a chamber music form.  Those who want to donate by way of old recordings to this library may forward the same to:

M. H. Parameshwar Tel. 9714275144
P. O. Box 27907 Fax  9714275144
Dubai U. A. E.

List of Types ofConcerts available with Mr. Parameshwar

A. Male Vocal Female Vocal
Nadaswaram Clarinot
Mandolin Violin
Veena Saxophone
Gottuvadhyam Harmonium
Viola Combination Instruments

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