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Sudha Raghunathan

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Sudha's Background

Sudha inherited an interest in music from her mother Smt Choodamani. She started formal training from Smt. Choodamani right from the age of nine. She later learnt from Sri. T. V Viswanathan and studied from Sri. B.V. Lakshman for a brief period.
Sudha came under the tutelage of the illustrious Padmabhushan, Sangeetha Kalanidhi, Dr. M.L Vasantha Kumari in 1977, when she won a Govt. of India Scholarship given to young artistes for advanced training in music. It was only with Dr. M.L. V's encouragement that Sudha pursued music as a career. Sudha had the golden opportunity of providing vocal support to Dr. MLV for a decade. She is considered as Dr. M.L.V's "vaarisu" by all music lovers.
Sudha considers learning to be a life long process and strives to improve her knowledge and repertoire by training with Sri. Calcutta Krishnamoorthy and others. She is a quick learner and is research oriented which is very evident in her lecture-demonstrations, very popular among her fans.
Sudha has performed concerts in all the major cities in India. Besides, she has undertaken concert tours all over the world at the invitation of prestigious institutions abroad. She is regarded highly by other reputed musicians from the Carnatic and the Hindustani music circles.
Sudha is a Top Ranking artiste of the All India Radio, Chennai and performs regularly on AIR and Doordharshan. She has also performed on various other TV networks.For the Radio Sangeeth Sammelan series of concerts
conducted by the AIR,Sudha performed at Hassan,Karnataka on October 10,1992.

Sudha has to her credit commercial
cassettes and compact discs of
Classical and Devotional music released by many leading recording companies .The banners include, Amutham Inc.(New Yirk);AVM Audio;
MusicToday;Vani Recording Co.;HMV;

Academically,Sudha is a Post Graduate in Economics,and has the distinction of being awarded the Most
Outstanding Student of the Ethiraj College,Madras for three years in sucession .Besides music,Sudha has at college level acclaimed credit in other fields such as debates,quiz,dramatics and essay writing.

Sudha has the unique privelge of being the 'ASTANA VIDUSHI' of

In continuing tradition, despite her tight schedules and frequent trips Sudha trains a handful of talented and aspiring young students.

Awards & Titles

Gaana Sudha Amrithavarshini,     
Kaanchi Mutt, 17/3/99
MLV Memorial Award, 25/12/98
Vasantha Gaana Vaarithi 26/9/98
Bharat Jyoti, Bharathiya Vidhya     
Bhavan, New York, 18/9/98

Gaana Kuyil, Valmiki Manram,      
Madras, 5/4/98

Woman of Golden Substance,      
Rotary club, Madras 14/2/1998
Udhavum Oli, Vasantha Memorial     
Trust for Cancer Cure & Care,     
Coimbatore, 1/2/98

Bharatha Sangeetha Bhushana,
Sri Bharathalaya, Madras 17/11/97
Sangeetha Choodamani, Sri Krishna    
Gaana Sabha, Madras 2/8/97

Yogam Nagaswamy Award,
The Music Academy, 1/1/97

Ariyakudi Ramanujam Iyengar Award,
Sri Ragam Fine Arts,Madras, 3/4/96

Sangeetha Bhushani, Indian Fine Arts,
Austin, Texas, USA October '96
Thennisai Thilakam 4/7/96,
The Federation of Tamil Sangams,
North America & Tamilnadu Foundation -
USA, Tamil Conference, Stamford,
For the Sake of Honour Award

Gana Kala Bhushani,
 Sankarabharanam Trust 7/9/95

Swara Raga Laya Ratna,
The Academy of Indian Music,
Melbourne, Australia, October '94

"Gaana Sudhakara" form Sakthi      Arutkoodam",24th March 1999
'Vasantha Gaana Vaarithi' by the     Carnatic Music Association of Ohio,
    Michigan,U.S.A on September     6th,1998
"Rasika Kala Ratna" at Sydney.
   "Isai Kalai Illavarasi" at Canberra.
   "Lalitha Swara Gana Varidhi" at Perth
Saptaswara Vani, Saptaswara  Sabha,     Karaikal, September 94
"TOYI" (Ten Outstanding Young      Indians) Award, The Indian Junior      Chamber, '94
Rasika Priya Ratnam, Jagadguru Sri     Chndrasekharendra Saraswathi Spiritual     Centre, Madras, 3/6/93
Sangeetha Saraswathi, The    Mahasannidhanam of Sringeri, 13/5/93
Youth Excellence Award,    Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer Trust,    April 92
Ugaadi Puraskar Award, The Telugu     Academy, March 92
V.S.T Award For Excellence and the    title Isai Peroli, Kartik Fine Arts,    Madras, December 1991
Yuva Kala Bharathi, Bharat Kalachar,     Madras 1989
Amudha Isai Vani, Tamil Sangam, New    York,1988

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MLV Memorial Award, 25/12/98

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Bharat Jyoti, Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan, New York, 18/9/98

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Gaana Kuyil, Valmiki Manram, Madras, 5/4/98 01

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Udhavum Oli, Vasantha Memorial Trust for Cancer Cure & Care, Coimbatore, 1/2/98 03

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Sangeetha Choodamani, Sri Krishna Gaana Sabha, Madras 2/8/97

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Yogam Nagaswamy Award, The Music Academy, 1/1/97

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Ariyakudi Ramanujam Iyengar Award, Sri Ragam Fine Arts, Madras, 3/4/96

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For the Sake of Honour Award 25/10/95

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Kalaimamani, Tamilnadu Government, 93

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Sangeetha Saraswathi, The Mahasannidhanam of Sringeri, 13/5/93

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V.S.T Award For Excellence and the title Isai Peroli, Kartik Fine Arts, Madras, December 1991

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Yuva Kala Bharathi, Bharat Kalachar, Madras 1989


The Other Side of Sudha

Offstage, Sudha is like any other career woman, balancing between her professional and personal lives. She is ably supported by her husband Ragunathan and the children Kaushik and Maalavika. Sudha is a very down-to-earth person with no airs despite her fame and is easily approachable.
She is very friendly, optimistic, outgoing and has a very good sense of humor. When she is not on tours, Sudha spends time helping her children with their school work and playing word games with them just like anyother working mom. She finds time to watch TV with the family, entertain the numerous visitors who ring her door bell and occasionally goes for a movie with the children. Whenever she gets a little break from her otherwise hectic schedule the foursome take small trips with friends.
Sudha has many talents besides her music and has won prizes throughout her school and college days for debates, writing and drawing. She is very fluent in several Indian languages including Hindi, Telugu and Kannada besides Tamil.

Sudha launched a Trust for social welfare activities on July 20th,1999.The Trust has been named the
"SAMUDHAAYA FOUNDATION" for which Sudha is the Managing Trustee.The Trust covers a wide spectrum of activities ranging from Music to Education,so also many charitable causes.As the first project Samudhaaya Foundation collected Rs.5 lakhs and donated it to the KARGIL DEFENCE PERSONNEL RELIEF FUND.This target was achieved through a concert of Sudha Ragunathan on the inagural day.
     As the second project,Samudhaaya Foundation donated a sum of Rs.1 lakh to the cyclone stricken victims of Orissa in December 1999.


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