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Smt. Hirabai Borodakar

 Smt. Hirabai Borodakar Srimati Hirabai Barodekar has been an artiste of all-India repute and a leading exponent of the Kirana school of Hindusthani music. Gifted with a soft beautiful voice, skilful artistry and attractive presentation which were the highlights of her performances and spoke volumes for her art-after a long and exciting career as a professional musician she was as popular in later period as she had been in her youth.

Born in 1905 at Miraj in Maharashtra, Hirabai's musical training started whilst she was still a child under the tutelage of late Abdul Waheed Khan Sahib and her talented brother the late Sureshbabu Mane, himself a noted singer of the Kirana 'gharana'. To Hirabai goes the credit to a large measure, for popularising Classical music amongst the masses and there was hardly a home in Western India where she was not known and regarded with affection.

Although khayal singing was her forte, Hirabai excelled in 'thumri' and 'bhajan' as well. Hirabai had also distinguished herself on the Marathi stage as an actress of no mean repute.

Hirabai Borodakar









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