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He is best remembered as Kadarbhai in the immensely popular tele serial Nukkad. After acting in hundreds of films like Sadak, Rangeela, the recent Gig B starrer Baghbaan, veteran character artiste Avtaar Gill simply refuses to move away from a Chembur. “Chembur has become a part of life,” says Gill. Gill settled here around 38 years ago and has many fond memories of Chembur.

Gill’s first brush with a celebrity was at restaurant in Chembur that Raj Kapoor frequented for meal of dosas. “I used to visit the place to have a glimpse of the legendary actor. I actually had the fortune to have dosas with Raj Kapoor one fine day,.”

Gill  came to Chembur as a little child. “Then the place was very green. Diamond Garden was the only hangout and we used to frequent the place most of the time. There were narrow picturesque roads. Now Chembur is crowded but civic amenities have definitely improved,” says Gill.

Gill recalls the time when he and his friends used to sneak up to RK and other studios to have a glimpse of the stars. “We used to request the watchman to allow us see how the filmi Hanuman takes to the sky,” laughs off Gill.

Gill is optimistic about the future progress of Chembur. “Even if I decide to move out, my family will never agree to go away from here.” Gill is acting in many films like LoC, Wah Wah Ramji, and Lakeer.

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