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Bonsai Display

CROWDS gathered at Gangadhar Deshmukh Hall of RCF, Chembur for the exhibition on Bosai. This was followed by a workshop on ‘The Art of Living’. Organized by RCF Jyoti Ladies Club and the Chembur Bonsai Club, the exhibition had 150 varieties of plants both native and foreign. The first of its kind in RCF, the show was inaugurated by D K Varma, chairman and managing director of RCF. Sneh Prasar, horticulturist and founder member of Chembur Bonsai club held an exhibition in Chembur for the first time. Just outside the hall, NASEOH and The Spastics Society of India put up their for sale. Plants ranging from Rs.5 to Rs.300 were displayed, adding colour to the exhibition. "The exhibition has evoked a good response and encouraged us to have another show next year" said Suman Varma.

Courtesy: Chembur Ghatkopar Plus

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