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K Balu, the ex-director of Nuclear Recycle Group of BARC, is not just a scientist with a mission. He is an actor, a lover of music and literature. Dr A P Jayaraman, head of Media Relations and Public awareness rightly remarks, "Balu is a man of many talents. "As a scientist at BARC, Balu's contribution in the filed of Nuclear Waste Management has been immense. He has been associated with the development of processes for Radioactive Waste Management and design of Radioactive Waste management facilities. He has participated in the preparation of a number of technology and safety related documents on the subject for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). "WE should do everything in a manner that is safe for the environment and society at large, " he says. Often referred to as the "Plutonium Man, ' Balu is humble about his achievement. "I am only one of the person responsible for setting up of the Plutonium Plant,' he informs. This about Balu, the scientist!

Balu's has acted in 15 plays and his love for theatre still exist. In the sixties, Balu along with his other theatre friends formed a group called 'Kalamandali' and staged plays in Tamil and Marathi.

Balu's passion for music is as intense as it is for acting. In 1972, he started a music mandal in Anushakti Nagar called 'Sangeet Sabha,' FOR Carnatic music. Till today, every Saturday evening, well-known musicians from Mumbai or Chennai are called to perform. Sundays are reseved for amateurs. Other than arranging concerts, the sabha runs two music schools that impart training in vocal and instrumental music.

Theatre, music and a media man, Balu is truly a man of many talents!
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