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Chembur's the place to stay connected

In the last few years, Chembur as a suburb has been growing not only in terms of real estate development but also in terms of population.

With more people comes the added burden of connectivity and the first
question that comes to mind is whether the suburbís infrastructure facilities can match the rate at the which it is growing.

If the government is to be believed and the construction pace of roads and subways is anything to go by, Chembur will soon be one of the best-connected suburbs in the city; not only on the Central line but also in comparison to the the Western suburbs.

To further their claim, the government has already started work on the ambitious Santacruz-Chembur Link Road, Mumbaiís first double-decker flyover, and claims that it will be over by 2006.

Apart from this, the authorities have also decided to widen the busy Sion-Trombay Road along with widening the Eastern Express Highway, in order to decongest heavy traffic in the suburb.

takes a look at the various projects that will help solve the traffic woes of Chembur residents.

Vehicular subway at Kurla station

A pivotal project that has been commissioned is the subway at Kurla station. As of now, commuters have to climb the bridge to travel to Kurla (W), from where important bus routes to various parts of Mumbai

However, this subway will ensure that commuters donít have to go through that hassle.

The project
Work on the Kurla subway is 80 per cent complete.

The 7.5-metre wide vehicular subway will be open only to light motor vehicles, including two-wheelers and passenger cars. The subway will connect Kurla east to west.

When will it be completed
The subway will be open for commuters after the monsoon.

The total width of the vehicular subway

Rs 3.5 crore
The total cost of the Kurla project

Widening of Eastern Express Highway

This MUIP project has got delayed due to the controversy about the status of slumdwellers. The project was expected to be complete before June 2005.

However, procedural delays have hampered its progress.

The project
The aim of the project is to decongest traffic on the Eastern Express Highway by widening it by 17.5 metres. The project also includes plans to construct a subway.

When will it be completed
The project will be completed after the monsoon.

17.5 metres
The width by which the Highway will be widened

Rs 30 crore
The total cost of the MUIP road-widening project

Santacruz-Chembur Link Road

The most ambitious project of the suburb, the Santacruz-Chembur Link Road is expected to reduce travel time between Santacruz and Amar Mahal junction by 30 minutes. Work on the SCLR project is on in full swing.

This flyover will be Mumbaiís longest, and officially the cityís first viaduct. It will cut your travel time from Chembur to Santacruz to a mere 10 minutes. Yet, these arenít the coolest things about it. That little award goes to the fact that it will be a double-decker.

Public Works Minister Anil Deshmukh, who yesterday unveiled a roadmap that envisions 42 new flyovers for the city, says the two-level flyover will be nothing short of an engineering marvel.

Scheduled to be completed by December 2006 at a cost of Rs 125 crore, the viaduct will offer you a host of options. If youíre on the lowest level ó the road ó youíll land up in Kurla.

Take the first level and you could reach Kurla Terminus or Nehru Nagar. The top level will get you to Amar Mahal Junction, Chembur.

The two-level flyover will be 2.2 km long, while the total length of the road will be 6.45 km. The work required includes restructuring, widening and strengthening over 3.5 km of existing roads.

The SCLR, as it is called, is part of the Rs 4,536 crore Mumbai Urban Infrastructure Project, and will ease traffic congestion at Sion. Once it is complete, you wonít have to travel all the way from Santacruz to Bandra to Sion and then on to Chembur.

The journey, which takes one-and-a-half hours today will shrink to 10 minutes once the viaduct is ready.

The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation has already begun work on the project and the Mumbai  Metropolitan Regional Development Authority is busy relocating 3,500 shanties, Deshmukh  said.

The project The flyover will begin from Mithi river, continue to Eastern Express Highway and end at Amar Mahal junction near Chembur.

The lower level will be divided into two parts. The left portion will be elevated from Kurla railway station to Tilak Nagar Railway Terminus and the right portion will meet SG Barve Marg near Nehru Nagar, Kurla (E).

Besides reducing travel time, the flyover will also help decongest traffic on the Eastern Express Highway and Sion-Trombay Road, besides GM Road, near Amar Mahal.

Around 3,000 slumdwellers from Kurla and Chembur were displaced in the construction process but the MMRDA has already constructed flats to rehabilitate them.

When will it be completed
In 2006

30 minutes
The amount by which commute time will be reduced between Santacruz and Amar Mahal junction

The number of rehabilitated slumdwellers from Kurla and Chembur

Rs 550 crore
The total cost of the SCLR project

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By: The metro Team
June 22, 2005

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