Smt. Aswini Bhide Deshpande

Starting with the assumption that Hindustani Classical Music must be meant also for the masses; not only the classes.

First step towards building bridge with the audience is to identify the audience.

Various possible Types of Audience :

  1. School or College children who are totally unexposed.

  2. Students of music – learner point of view.

  3. Temple audience. Larger cross – section of the society, devotional bent of mind.

  4. Rural Audience : Small pockets in India.

  5. Foreign Audience of 2 types.
            Indian Immigrants settled aboard or
         Audience of completely foreign origin.

  6. Knowledgeable Audience eg. Sangeet sabhas, senior students of music in vidyalayas etc.

  7. Musicians, musicologists, scholars, gurus etc. very knowledgeable audience.

  8. Music Conference : Mix of all types.

  9. Corporate Houses : The ‘sponsor’ of the present times. The patrons.

  10. Music circles Audience.

Thus the above types of audiences can be categorized as follows:
The Casual Listener
The Average Music Lover
The Serious Music Lover
The Connoisseur

The transition from a novice to stage I, from stage I to II, II to III and from III to IV should be the target every time.

For this, the various audiences can be tapped for various appeals.
Inspirational Appeal : When the audience feels like singing along with the artiste
Intellectual Appeal : Relating to the grammer of the music. Applies to the Intellectual Audience.
Spiritual Appeal : Not everybody’s cup of tea.
Emotional Appeal : Applies to all.

The Audience Motive 
Relaxation Artistic listening
Holistic Listening

Whenever the type of audience, it is not a necessity that the audience be keen listeners of music, but it is an absolute necessity that the artiste be keenly listened to, by the audience3. he/She needs to constantly be keenly listened to by the audience, and to have an ever-increasingly thirsty audience whose expectations he/she has to fulfill everytime.

The artiste has to walk a few steps towards the audience and vice versa.

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