We may hold a treasure in our hands. But if we have only a few to share it, it would be case of the treasure losing sheer. For music, which is essentially a performing art, an audience is almost as important as the art itself, because, the ambience has in it to propel the performer to aim higher and higher and enrich the art. It is, therefore, very necessary for the performer to establish rapport with the audience.

In this session, very eminent artistes will be sharing their thoughts with you as to how to differentiate between audience types and meet their expectations. It is no simple matter for the artiste to feel the pulse of the audience, especially if it is not a homogenous group. A systematic effort is needed. Some light is thrown on this. Finally, the crux of the matter is that contents of the concert are audience - friendly and not intimidating in any manner.

While discussing what is needed, two interesting viewpoints emerge. They have the same end-point namely, larger audience. But the means are a little different. Both views deserve your attention.

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