There are people who are incurably addicted to leisure-time music. Their ends are entertainment and relaxation without mental involvement. We leave them to their tastes.

But, there are those who are inclined to listen to serious music (viz. Shastriya Sangeet, both heavy and light; folk music etc.) as an alternative to any other exotic form of music. In the paper on the subject presented to this Conference, the many available variations are discussed.

We respect all forms of music. We do recognize the rights of an individual to listen to the music of his or her choice. We also appreciate that music is international.

But, one can remain 'Indian' by adapting much of what is stated in Natya Sastra and other treatises as regards group music, orchestral music, folk music and the like to fulfill one's needs of serious music. If this appeals to you and many like you are drawn to the varieties under Hindustani music, this Conference would have succeeded in its endeavor to 'Get Closer to More People'.

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