Pandit Arvind Parikh 
Pt Arvind Parikh, born in 1927, is one of India's foremost sitansts. With over 55 years of training under the living legend, Ustad Vilayat Khan, Pt. Pankh represents the Imdad Khan Ghraran (stylistic tradition). His music has a strong inclination towards the meditative and introspective aspects of Hindustani Music. He is a matured performing artiste, a serious musicologist, an outstanding teacher and a music scholar of high repute.

Dr. Ashok Ranade
Dr. Ashok Ranade was the first Director of the University Music Centre, Bombay He has also held important positions in the archives and research centre in ethnomusicology of the American Institute of Indian Studies and also in theatre research and ethnomusicology in the NCPA, Bombay. Dr. Ranade had his music lessons under Pt. Gajananrao Anant Joshi, Pt. Laxmanrao Bodas and Prof. B. R. Deodhar. A sangeetacharya from ABGMV, he is the recipient of several awards like Phulambrikar Puraskar and was appointed to the Tagore chair in M.S. University of Baroda He received the best music director award for professional theatre in the year 1990. Some of Dr. Ranade's publications are sangeetache Bsoundarya shastra, Lok sangeet shastra, and On Music and Musicians in Hindustan. He has edited, composed and compared several music albums. Dr. Ranade conducts workshops regularly and participates in seminars on various aspects of music. His scholarly lectures and productive discussions are of significant relevance in today's open world.

Pt. Dinkar Kaikini
Born on 2nd October 1927, Pt. Dinkar Kaikini was inflated into the subtlety of Hindustani Music at the tender age of seven. He was fortunate to have the training from veteran musicians like Pt. K. Nagesh Rao, Pt. Omkarnath Thakur, Pt. R. Poonchwale, Pt. S. N. Ratanjankar, Pt. V. N. Bhatkhande and Ustad Faiyaz Khan. In his lectures, Pt. Kaikini explains the term raga bhava in the context of different raga-s. He also dwels on the constituent parts of melodic movement such as raga anga, swara anga & khayal anga. His discourses are highly educative to the new generation interested in Indian music. After 17 years career with AIR, he became the Prinicipal of the Bhraratiya Vidya Bhavans' Sangeet & Nartan Shikshapeeth. He received the Sangeet Nataka Academy Award in 1996 and is also the recepient of the 'Swar Sadhana Ratna' Award of Sur Singar Samsad.

Pt. Sharad Sathe
Pt. Sharad Sathe, began his rigorous formal training in music in the hallowed guru-shisya tradition with Pt. D. V. Paluskar, son of the legendary musician Pt. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar. A recepient of Government of India Scholarship, Sharad Sathe graduated with the Sangeet Visharad degree of the 'Ghandharva Mahavidyalaya' in 1961 with honors, after receiving intensive training from Prof. B. R. Deodhar. It was after 1966, when he became a disciple of Pt. Sharadchandra Arolkar, a Veteran Vocalist of the Gwalior Gharana that Sathe's talent acquired depth and a new dimension. Besides Khayals, his repertoire includes tappas, taranas and bhajans. Pt. Sharad Sathe has participated in various sangeet sammelans and concerts all over the country. He was a resident professor of vocal music at the London Center of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. In 1997, he was specially invited by University of Washington, for archival recording of Gwalior gharana compositions. He is currently the President of Dadar Matunga Cultural Centre, a premier institution dedicated to the promotion of culture.

Prof. Vidyadhar Vyas
Prof. Vidhyadhar Vyas is a name to reckon with 'Class' in the world of Hindustani Classical music. With a prestigious tradition of the Gwalior Gharana and an illustrious lineage of Sangeet Maharshi Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar to his background, he was groomed and trained in Khayal, Tarana and Bhajan gayaki by his renowned father, Gayan Acharya Pandit Narayanrao Vyas, himself an outstanding disciple of Pandit Paluskar. Moulding his creative thinking, artistic approach and aesthetic research in the Gharana gayaki with his arduous riyaas, Prof. Vidyadhar soon matured as a young maestro in his own right. A top-notch concert performer Prof. Vyas has several successful 'mehfils' to his credit in almost all the important musical citadels of India and abroad and has also participated in many prestigious 'Soirees, 'He is frequently invited abroad on several occasions for his music concerts. Prof. Vyas represented Hindustani Khayal music at the concerts of Indian and American music encounter presented in India and USA in 1992. As a star performer, he presented Khayal at the World Music Festival held in Rotterdam, Holland in 1995. Prof. Vyas was awarded the coveted Senior Fellowship of Indian Council of Social research project in musicology. Prof. Vidyadhar Vyas holds a Master's degree in Sociology from the University of Mumbai and a Doctorate in Hindustani Classical Vocal Music, from the Akhil Bharatiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai. Like being the renowned performing artiste, Prof. Vidhyadhar Vyas is also known as a competent teacher and Guru of exceptional calibre.

Dr. Hari V. Sahasrabuddhe
Dr. Hari V. Sahasrabuddhe has done his masters and Ph. D. in "Computer Models for Circuit Design: Sensitivity and Optimization Models". He has a long list of teaching career; at IIT Kanpur, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Waterloo and University of Pune. During 1984-95, he explored computational musicology with the help of masters degree students and project staff. He has published several papers and books and is a member of the Indian Musicology Society.

Sri. P. K. Ravidranath
Sri P K. Ravindranath began his career in journalism as Film Editor of "the Free Press Journal" group of news papers. In 1955 he joined "The Time of India and resigned the job during Emergency in 1976. He became Press Adviser to the Chef Minister of Maharashtra (1988-1992) and later Director (Publications) Nehru Centre, Mumbai (1992-1998). He has written several books including "Sharad Pawar : Making of a Modern Maratha", "Chandrasekhar - A Political Biography", "Sardar Patel - In a New Perspective." he now teaches Bachelor of Mass Media Students at National College, Ruia College and SIES College.

Shri. Amarendra Dhaneshwar
Shri Amarendra Dhaneshwar is a well known journalist, media person, a music critic and a musician. His articles and reviews on current affairs and themes relating to music feature regularly in Indian Express. Afternoon, Lok Satta, Mahanagar etc. He has designed and executed more than 400 classical music programmes for television. His contributions to Dhadkan.com, a website and to tele channels viz DD, Star plus, Sahara, Zee Music etc. are very much appreciated Shri. Dhaneshwar is also a trained vocalist and is a disciple of Smt. Neela Bhagwat from the Gwalior gharana. He has performed at various Centres like Dadar Matunga Cultural centre, Karnataka Sangha. He is a Trustee of Khayal Trust. In 2002, he was awarded the first Udayan award for achieving & promoting excellence in performing arts.

Dr. Aneesh Pradhan
Dr. Aneesh Pradhan is a disciple of the revered tabla maestro, the late Pandit Nikhil Ghosh. He has given many performances in India and abroad, which have won him wide acclaim. Aneesh is recognized as one of the most versatile tabla players who is at ease when accompanying a vocalist, an instrumentalist or when performing as a soloist. He is an 'A' grade artiste of AIR and Doordarshan.

Smt. Shruti Sadolikar Katkar
Born in Kurundawad, Maharashtra, Shruti belongs to a music family, her guru and mentor was her father, late Pt. Wamanrao Sadolikar. After meticulous training under her father, she has nourished and expanded her domain by adding her own skill and versatility. Shruti has performed all over the world and has won many awards for her extraordinary talent. She has formed a Foundation in memory of her father to promote and propogate music, arts and education.

Pandit Satish Vyas
Born in a musician family, Pt. Satish Vyas was initiated into music at an early age by his father Pt. C. R. Vyas. Later he look up to Santoor and started learning from Pt. Shivkumar Sharma. He has performed in many major programmes all over India and has several successful concert tours across the globe to his credit. He has released many CDs and Cassettes which are in great demand by music lovers. He has been recently conferred with the title of Padmashri by the Government of India.

Smt. Ashwini Bhide Desphpande
Smt. Ashwini Bhide Deshpande began her training at the tender age of five under the guidance of Pandit Narayanrao Datar. After graduating with a Sangeet Visharad from Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, she furthered her training under the care and attention of her mother. Smt. Manik Bhide, a great Khayal singer herself. Presently she is being guided by Pandit Ratnakar Pai, a veteran of the Jaipur Gharana. She has travelled extensively in India and abroad giving a number of performances. She has worked with Pt. Ravishankar in his music score for the film Gandhi.

Dr. Sangeeta Shankar
Hailing from a family of traditional musicians, sangeeta started playing the violin at the tender age of four. Trained by her illustrious mother Dr. N. Rajam, she quickly mastered the intricacies and started performing concerts when she was only thirteen years old. She has imbided the 'Gayaki' technique of violin playing, developed by her mother, of integrating the melodious 'Gayaki - Ang' into the domain of Hindustani Classical Music for violin. She has toured USA and other countries in Europe. Sangeeta has number of CDs and Cassettes to her credit released from HMV, Music Today, Magna Sound and many other music copanies.

Smt. Veena Sahasrabuddhe
Smt. Veena Sahasrabuddhe comes from a family of musicians and was initiated to Khayal Singing by her father late Pt. Shankar Shripad Bodas and brother late Pt. Kashinath S. Bodas. Other mentors of Veena include Padmashree Balwantrai Bhatt, late Pt. Vasant Thakar and late Pt. Gajananbua Joshi. She has sung at many prestigious venues and occasions. She was awarded the Uttar Pradesh Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for the year 1993. Apart from Khyal Singing, she is also sought after for her rich repertoire of bhajans.

Dr. Swarnalata Rao
Dr. Swarnalata Rao is a prominent disciple of Pt. Arvind Pankh and a much sought-after up and coming sitarist amongst serious audiences. She plays an important role covering the proceedings of several workshops and seminars and helps in editing the documentation of presentations and discussions, a job which certainly demands pure intellect, hard work and dedication. She is associated with Mumbai's Music Associations like Music Forum and NCPA.

Ms. Purvi Parikh
Is an established young singer of the Kirana Gharana. Purvi first became a disciple of Ustad Faiyyaz Ahmed and Ustad Niaz Ahmed Khan and later received guidance from Ustad Vilayat Khan. With deserving support of father Pt. Arvind Parikh and mother Kishori Parikh, who are respected names in the music circle. Purvi has reached new heights as a performing artiste. She has presented several concerts all over India and in USA, European countries and Japan.

Shri. Kalyan Bose
Shri. Kalyan Bose has been a Public Relations consultant for the last 15 years and has worked closely with the print and Electronic media, and as journalist both in the field of business and art promotion. He has worked with UTV, Amrita Bazar Patrika, Mudra, Sampark Public Relations, to name a few. He has to his credit several articles on Art and culture in numerous magazines. He has also been instrumental in setting up the Bihar chapter of SPIC-MACAY. Currently, Mr. Bose is Director, Western Region, at Indo American Chamber of commerce and is also the chairperson of Mumbai chapter of SPIC MACAY.

Smt. Shamali Gupta Bose
Smt. Shamali Gupta Bose has learnt Hindustani Music from Pt. S. C. R. Bhatt. She has been teaching in Ramnarain Ruia college for over eleven years and is the chairperson of Ruia Performing Arts Society. As a free lance journalist, she has to her credit over 200 articles on Art and Culture. Associated with SPIC MACAY since 1987, she now inspires her students to join the movement and works towards coordinating with the artistes for this purpose.

Pt. Bhawani Shankar Kathak
Pt. Bhawani Shankar Kathak is a total professional Pakhawaj maestro, who learnt both Pakhawaj and tabla from his father since the age of 5. Apart from being a patron of Jaipur Gharana, Pt. Bhawani Shankar enhanced his skill under the tutelage of Pt. Shivlaiji Kathak of Ajrada Gharana. He has given a number of public performances, like Gunidas Festival Khajurao Festival and so on. Among the award, he has won, are the Pandit Jasraj Gaurav Puraskar and the Rajasthan Sangeet Natak Academy Awards for the year 2003. He has accompanied several stalwarts and has also played for major music maestros in the film industry. Among his famous cassettes are Sampooma Ramayan, Srimad Bhagwad Gita, Devi Bhagwat and Om Vedaya Namah. His name figures in the Limca Book of Records. He has displayed his electrical solo performance skills through the cassettes 'Drums of India' and 'Power'. He has framed the musical concept of BRAHMAND, in which he deftly emphasises on rhythm, swaras and vedas (Sanskrit Shiokas). He is certain that 'Brahmand' pacifies every soul. His institution called 'Pandit Bhawani Shankar' seeks to keep the craze for music inherent in him torched by way of imparting knowledge to students.

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