Pt. Satish Vyas

How the music scenario was in olden days that too also in last 100 years or so ? The patronage was mainly from Raja - Maharajas i.e. Kings of different States. Firstly I would like to say that Classical music cannot be made a mass commodity as it is a - special kind of performing art. I am not at all in agreement with the attempt of artistes and organizers to make it popular like Cricket or Films, as classical music is not certainly a mass commodity. But having said that there is certainly a big challenge to bring more people in to classical music. There has been a steady growth in the no. of music lovers over the years which has been at slow rate. Let's look at the music programs in the beginning of 20th century. In those days live concerts was the only medium for people. Baithak style concerts used to take place. There were not many diversions like in today's time. With the advent of Radio, Gramophone records it helped to popularize classical music in smaller towns also which resulted in the increase of classical music lovers. Films also contributed significantly as the music was based on ragas unlike today. The post independent era also saw spurt in the audiences as our society was not influenced so much by western culture. Print medium as well as radio were covering classical music extensively. Saturday AIR national program was a prestige. 80's and 90's saw wonderful time for music. But slowly western influences plus world becoming smaller due to excellent communication tools, electronic medium viz. TV as well as computer technology people were exposed to world culture which has adverse effects. Also corporate sponsorship had good as well as bad effects. So the challenge is to attract audiences by following ways.

1. Introduce music as a compulsory subject at school level.
2. Get TV channels to telecast classical music at prime time.
3. To do concerts and music appreciation workshops in schools and colleges in addition to SPIC MACAY efforts.
4. Generate more interest in Corporate sector for classical music so that sponsorship will increase.
5. Artistes should become more communicative.
6. Generate media support.
7. To hold music concerts in small towns and rural areas apart from metros and semi urban towns.
8. AIR and FM radio to broadcast more classical music programs.
9. Increased Government (State and Central) support to be solicited.
10. To generate more interest in music through music institutions / sabhas.

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