We have just made a viable attempt to enlarge the size of quality audience in a concert keeping in mind the dilemma of the artiste. The important aspect of promoting better awareness and understanding of Indian music has been taken up for discussions almost in all sessions.

The Indian music scene looks forward to the favorable support of a number of other extraneous factors, whose committed roles can uplift the craze and desire for this music gradually. The fourth and final Interactive session seeks to explain the usefulness of media and electronics in preserving Indian heritage. And in the wake of electronic media, the world has virtually turned into a global village ! corporate sponsorship of art festivals and concerts has equally managed to create bondage between the arts and their patrons. And finally the Music Associations contribute enormously towards promoting and patronizing both up and coming artistes as well as the well- established legends.

Can the above means of machinery including the state really lay a stronger foundation to perpetuate meaningful contribution to the cause of Indian music in the generations to come ? The concluding session will look into this.

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