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S Ganesan

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Some might call him a Social Worker, but Ganesan makes no such claims. He says he solves others’ problems intuitively. The voluntarily retired S Ganesan easily enthuses with his grit, determination and come-what may attitude.

Formerly with the Indian Economic Service, Central Intelligence Bureau and Tariff Commission, he visited South Korea and Philippines upon receiving UNIDO Fellowship in Shannon, Ireland. He revolutionised the concept of selling and creative thinking with his excellent strategies, whether it was in fund-raising, sun-controlling, collaborating, trouble-shooting, image-building or soliciting multinational companies to invest in SEEPZ.

Though strategic marketing of manpower and innovative launching of products has been his forte, his latest resolve is to make Pestom Sagar an area of Chembur, a cleaner, better place.

A stickler for perfection he’s also hard-working. His proposals are always practical as they facilitate consensus. He says, "Perhaps it’s in my nature to help others - little wonder then that even the sight of a load-Miller struggling made him rush to help, when he was still a child. However, motivation to take up community service was instilled in him by two Jesuit Catholic priests from Italy and France. Reverend Fr Rapinar and Rev Freuer inducted him into the college of social league. The priests who washed, cleaned and kept the slum kids healthy removed Ganesan's mental barriers.

He also took initiative in raising funds for the funerals of deceased drunkards and sweepers. In 1983, he found a Social Service Cell in the Holy Family School. The cell used to provide free milk to slum children and all they had to do was brush their teeth, stand in the queue and say 'goodbye' and 'thank you'. They even got free medicines and medical check-up.

Although he received plenty of support on the homefront, he got no help whatsoever from local politicians. As a result, the social activities, blood donation camp etc had to be discontinued. But like we said earlier, the man has a devil may care attitude.

With renewed zeal, he made it a Citizens' Movement with help from the BMC and public donations. He converted a vacant plot of land into a jogging track, a play centre for children, a gymnasium and a volley ball and badminton court, he beams with pride as he says. The Forum has adopted a number of plots susceptible to encroachment and converted them into gardens under BMC's beautification programme. He even has plans to begin a welfare centre in Pestom Sagar, which would include a collection centre for electricity / gas/ telephone bills, courier service and a day care centre.

Also with the assistance of the Stree Mukti Sanghatana - the Forum conducts adult literacy classes regularly. Recognising that it is necessary to identify and appreciate talent, Ganesan formulated a directory that highlighted the talent in the area and the famous people there. This was to boost the morale of the people living there. He is now toying with the idea of roping in some 600 NRIs to help solve some local problems.

Now, some might call him a social worker, but Ganesan makes no such claims. He says he solves others problems intuitively.

And that means that he cannot be deceived easily, he says. Social service apart, he has also doubled up as a marriage counselor. A dozen-odd couples have been reunited thanks to his endeavors.

As happens with all people who push for change and reform, he too has met with criticism, but they do not worry him. it’s all in the game he says. In the beginning, my wife was sensitive, but over the years, she too has hardened to it. As long as your objective and conscience are clear, why worry about such squeaks?.


Address 28/103, VIDYA, Pestom Sagar, Chembur, Mumbai-400009
Phone: 522 2525 Fax: 524 2626 E-mail ganesans


Date of Birth              : 11th   February 1935

Qualificalions             : M.A (Eco) - Loyola College (University of Madras ), Madras
                                    LL.B.- Govt.Law College (University of Mumbai )
                                    Diploma in Public Relations -. St. Xavier’s College,

Total service              : 36 years - 1958 to 1980
                                    Government of lndia: 22 years
                                    Private sector 14 years

Government of India. Since 1965.
In the INDIAN ECONOMICS SERVICE (IES). Last served in SEEPZ and voluntarily opted for retirement in 1980 with full benefits. While in SEEPZ  was recipient of a UNIDO FELLOWSHIP for training in Shannon - Ireland.  Followed by familiarisation visits to S. Korea and Phillipines.

1980 to 1994
In private industry. Garware Polyester Limited,  Mumbai. Last position held at the time of retirement - DIRECTOR (BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT & PUBLIC RELATIONS).

1994 Onwards
On his own. Retained as Corporate Advisor by Garware Polyester as well as a couple of Indian and Overseas Companies.

Achievement Highlights

Worked in SEEPZ during its formative years and was responsible for its image building in the world and solicit Multinational companies to invest in SEEPZ. Was successful in getting participation by a number of reputed companies and introducing new technologies in hi-tech - electronic industry.

Garware Polyester Ltd.

Its turnover was Rs. 26 crores in 1980 when he  joined; in 1994 when he retired it  was Rs.  450 crores!!

In 1981 - organized the entire Public issue campaign of  the Company and it was oversubscribed by 32 times.

Contributed to the professionalisation of the Company by setting up the HRD, Market Research, Public Relations and R&D divisions. Organised periodical man power and attitudinal audit and total restructuring of the set up by inducting a few consulting firms including Mckensey. At the time of retirement, was beading all these divisions. From traditional products, the Company switched over to a number of hi - tech and value added products during this time.

The hi-tech areas initiated by him include:

SUN CONTROL FILM - from concept to commissioning and launching of the product in India and world wide.  In the first year of its launch itself created 200 servicing stations all over India and trained about 2000 persons to fix the fllm. To-day this product is the money spinner for the Company.

Patented Sun control film in 19 countries globally and established Trademark in India and elsewhere.

MAGNETIC TAPES - Successfully concluded technical collaboration agreement with a US firm and set up India’s first magtetic tape unit manufacturing video tapes/cassettes.The product was launched all over India in a record time. Was also instrutmental in setting up Garwares video software unit in Mumbai which was the biggest unit in Asian continent.

X-RAY FILMS: Involved in setting up Garware's Medical and Industrial X ray film with polyester base and graduated the same from pilot plant to commercial status.

Set up foreign offices for Garware in Singapore and USA.

Handled all the trouble shooting jobs of the Company and continue to do so even now as their Corporate Advisor


7th JUNE 2000

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