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Thought the history of Indian classical music can be traced back to 2500 years “the dwindling audience for classical music concerts” is a matter of concern. Lamenting the poor patronage received by classical music today, Maharashtra Abhang Ratna Ganesh Kumar said that the younger generation should show more interest in continuing this glorious tradition. He was speaking as the chief guest at the final round classical music competition organised by the Sri Prahlada Varadhan Thangigal Sabha (SPVST) at the Ahobila Mutt on Sunday. Children from all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai participated in rendering Sri Thyagaraj Kritis. Among the 16 finalists, Karthik Suresh and Tejasvi S. were awarded the first and second prizes respectively while the third prize went to Pavitra Krishnaprakash. Shruti Iyer and R. Ramya won the consolation prizes.

Young devotees of the Ahobila Mutt established the SPVST Sabha only a year ago to assist the temple in all its activities and to instill in the young generation awareness and interest about the Sanathana Dharma and the Philosophy of Vashistadwita (qualified monism) as propagated by Bhagwad Ramanuja. The Sabha plans to organise discourses, classical music concerts, etc in view of these objectives.

To commemorate the 157th Aradhana of the saint composer Thyagaraja, the Sabha thought of involving school children to render the kritis. Forty-five children took part in the competition. The competition was coordinated by classical music exponent Pryadarshini Nrasimhan, G. Vishwas and V. Bharadwaj. 


                                             Metro Chembur    Date : 11-17-2004

The Sri Prahalada Varadhan Sripaadam Thangigal Sabha’s (SPVST) music competition finals conducted on February 8, 2004 at Ahobila Mutt, Chembur, were a huge success. 45 participants from throughout Mumbai participated in the preliminary rounds that were conducted on Jan 26 at N. G. Acharya College, out of which 16 finalists were selected.

Priyadarshini Narasimhan, convener, says the sabha was started a year ago to involve youngsters in cultural programmes. “The competition was held to commemorate the 157 birth anniversary of Saint Thyagaraja. Usually every Sabha organizes music concerts for the occasion. So we thought of organising a music competition for children.”

An informative documentary on saint Thyagaraja was also screened for an hour to educate the children. After which the chief guest Abhang Samrat Ganesh Kumar gave away the prizes. Kartik Suresh won the first prize; Tejasvi S was placed second and Pavitra Krishnaprakash was placed third. Shruti Iyer and Rmya Rajan won the consolation prizes and participation certificates were awards to all Students.  

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