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Shri K. Ganesh Kumar

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In a corporate environment that is fast moving towards a global community, Mr. Kumar decided to join the future global community with launching in present time

''  has become a trend setter in terms of expertise and technical details and has entered the areas like webcasting -  "LIVE COVERAGE OF EVENTS ON INTERNET WITH VIDEO AND AUDIO" which are still being looked into, even in most of the developed countries around the world.

'' caters mainly to the corporate world and its prime objective is to put together a comprehensive information and communication system customized for efficient information transfer in the context of particular corporate.To put it in a nut-shell, instant communications is the by-word of '' . Company's commitment to innovation and mission to continually seek out unique solutions to today's market challenges have enabled them to build stronger customer relationships, greater cost efficiencies, enhanced market and customer responsiveness, with consistent quality and service.

Main Areas of Action :



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