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K. Ganesh Kumar

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Rock Temple in TrichyGanesh Kumar As Person

  G. K. as he is called fondly, a Leo by birth, was born to Sri. Kuppan Sastry and Smt. Parvathi. Hailing from the famous rock temple town of  Thiruchirapalli (more known as Trichy), a   fledgling city in Tamilnadu in India. His grandfather - the famous mathematician and the revered headmaster of National High School - Sri.Ganesh Shastrigal was not only a leading citizen of Trichy but a Jury member of the High Court. Childhood vacations spent with 'Tata' (grandfather)  has had a lingering influence on him. Hailing from a family rich in Art / Culture  and Languages - his other grandfather is a PadmaShri in Sanskrit - G.K. imbibed these values at a tender age.

       His father a cost accountant by profession shifted to Kanpur and then to the City of Bombay. Having served his entire life at J.K group, Mr. Kuppan had different dreams for his son. He trained the young boy into mastering the finer aspects of commerce and business.  G. K. had normal but exciting childhood and schooling.  A Commerce graduate from Bombay University, G.K. went on to specialise in International Law, Export Trade Management etc. He studied Russian and thus became a succesful trader with the erstwhile U.S.S.R. ( while at the House of Sarabhai Group )

        Since he was brought up in comparatively free environment, it fired his ambitions to be different  and instilled a confidence level seldom found in today's generation. . With his extensive travel to many parts of the world during the formative years, and his innate ability to master any new subject and then to adapt the same to his requirements helped him in looking to new pastures. To reach and conquer the unknown - Making spot but difficult decisions comes naturally to him.  Though dominating at times, he is ever willing to learn anything new. 

          As a person, many who interact with him, will agree that he is simple, warm and caring though at times demanding. He is also very aggressive but soft-spoken. Supports modern practical ideas. Involves himself 100% when embarks on something, is a go-getter and brings what he started  to glorious ending.

            G. K. is popular both among the older generation - with his depth of knowledge on various subjects, and the youth - for his penchant for new progressive ideas and modern technology.



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