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Carnatic Vina

lsivina.gif (1106 bytes)The Carnatic Vina is the principle instrument used in the performance of South Indian music.It is directly related to the Bin type, but underwent structural changes in the 16th Century. The Southern Vina orginally had the tube with two gourd design, but musicians introduced a series of refinements.

The Southern vina has got a single long tube, and a deep hollow neck attached to a round, hollowed resonating body and a soundboard of wood, something similar to the Sitar body, (Sitars however incorporate a hollowed gourd body with wood sound board). In other respects it is similar to the northern Bin. It has 4 main playing strings and 3 drones. There are 24 metal frets.

The Vina's tone is not as brilliant as the Sitar's, but is extremely sweet and fluid. It has more forward projection than the Bin of the North. The Carnatic Vina is used in all classical genres in the South.

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