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lsantur.gif (1745 bytes)The Santur is the eastern relative of the hammered dulcimer of Europe. In fact it is likely that the dulcimer originated in Central or South Asia. Stories of a shatatantri vina or one hundred string Vina, of the ancient past are widely recorded. However the origins of the instrument in Kashmir are still shroud in mystery.

The Santur consists of a finely finished trapezium shaped box, with metal strings run across the top. The strings are usually grouped in three strings per note, called courses. Each of the courses is surported by a small wooden bridge, which alternate on either side of the top. Each course is sounded by striking it with a pair of light wooden mallets. Used for over a 1000 years in the Kashmir valley, it was introduced into North indian Classical music by efforts of Pt.Shiv Kumar Sharma.


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