Our Samaj was established on 17th November 1967 with an objective of promoting Bhakti through Nama Sankeertans and propagate the Ayyappa cult in equality. In line with these objectives, we have extended our service in social, cultural, educational and medical front.

"Shankaralayam" a multi-utility complex was inaugurated on 18th June 1991.
Service oriented projects undertaken in the complex are :

Prayer Hall - Maintained to facilitate meditation, chanting prayers and promote "Satsang".

Community Hall - Constructed on the first floor, utilised for cultural and social functions.

Educational Aid:
(a) Scholarships to deserving students
(b) Textbooks, notebooks and uniforms provided to needy students

Medical Aid Centre - Medical Aid dispensary started on theground floor by the Samaj in April 1991, assisted by a team of doctors who have treated about 7000 patients and performed 2 free surgeries.

Blood Donors' Association

Cultural Centre - Under supervision of experienced tutors we train students in:

(a) Carnatic music (vocal)
(b) Bharata Natyam
(c) Yoga
(d) Drawing

Orphanage Feeding - Every year, during our Annual Festival in December, we invite and feed children from orphanages.

Spiritual Activity -
(a) Regular Bhagwad Gita and Narayaneeyam classes
(b) Sponsored pilgrimages to Sabarimala
(c) We propagate "Bhakti" through Namasankeertans, Bhajans and spiritual discourses

Reliefs - Our Samaj helps victims of natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, drought, etc.

Future Objectives -

To expand our medical centre activity by providing a consultant panel of specialists and setting up of pathological loboratory.

Reading Room & Library

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