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A City violinist who is steadily making his way up in big concerts, is young K. Sivakumar, who is remarkably adept in both Carnatic and Hindustani school of music. Recently he provided violin accompaniment for two concerts of the celebrated Veena Balachander at the Shanmukhananda Sabha. The mercurial Balachander liked Shivakumar’s accompaniment so much that he has arranged for this modest likable youngster to play for him at his Madras concert next month.

"My music flows from my mother’s side," says 30 year old Shivakumar, naming some prominent musical ancestors of his from Tanjavur. "And I owe my music to her," he adds with a pleasant smile lighting up his face.

For Shivakumar had to put in, under her watchful tutelage, six to seven hours; practice daily. For over ten years from the tender age of five. Mrs. Rajalakshmi, his mother, has been his guru.
Later he and his equally versatile brother, K. Sridhar, who has taken to sarod, joined the Dagar school under Z. M. Dagar and delved deep into intricate aspects of Hindustani music, fostering the Carnatic tradition, too, at home.

No wonder, then, that at an unusual jugalbandi of Hindustani and Carnatic music in the city, two years ago, Shivakumar displayed his artistry in both styles, a remarkable feet.

In fact both brothers have given jugalbandi performances in Madras.

All the while Shivakumar has not neglected his studies either, being a B.SC. (high second class) of Bombay University. He knocked away the first prize in the inter-university youth festival in 1964.
After his ‘gurukulavasa’ in the Dagar school, he was for a year a staff artiste at Ravi Shankar’s Kinnara school of music.

In 1973 the brothers won the title of "Sur Mani" at the Kal-Ke-Kalakar festival.
Apart from Balachander, Sivakumar has blended his violin melody with the music of vocalist Madurai Somu and the harmonium of the peerless Subramania Deekshithar. He imparts training in both styles of music on the violin.

A cultured youth full of promise, full of charm, this Sivakumar.
Date : 1978 B.S.R.


A sweet and interesting cutcheri was provided last Friday to an appreciative audience at Sri Krishna Ana Sabha by Shivakumar Krishnamurthy (violin) and Sridhar Krishnamurthy who played Hindustani music. Their Sindhu Bhairavi, which one could recognise, was equally attractive. The violin was handled with subtle ease and the sarod, often a pace-setter, with firm and melodic assurance. Clearly the young vidvans have an excellent career ahead of them –

Date : 12-7-69

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