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Vashi Fine Arts Society
Navi Mumbai.

With the constant increase in population in the city, many Mumbaikars shifted their residences to Navi Mumbai.

Regular bus and train services available at Navi Mumbai added to the comforts and provided an easy reach to the metropolis. Thus Navi Mumbai developed as a city by iteself on the outskirts of Mumbai.

It was quite natural that over a period of time the Music lovers here felt a need for a cultural institution, which will present all cultural activities eg: music, dance, and drama programmes as is done by other similar institutions in Mumbai.

Through constant efforts coupled with dedicated organizational skills, Vashi Fine Arts Society was started. The Society now conducts regular Music and other cultural programmes, music competitions, and celebrates the Thyagaraja aradhana.

Special mention must be made of the Society's Hon.Secretary. Smt. Revathi Viswanathan who with the able support of the President of the Society and the other members of the Managing Committee leaves no stone unturned in furthering the objectives of the Society. Last year the Society has presented over thirteen programmes to satisfy the cultural needs of its members.

Smt. Revathi Viswanathan is also connected with Vashi Tamil Sangam another leading Institution catering to the Tamils living in Vashi. And her experience in this field stood in good stead in bringing up the Vashi Fine Arts Society to great heights and perhaps she may now confidently boast, the Society is almost getting equal to other sister cultural institutions in the suburbs like Chembur, Ghatkopar etc.

Those desirous of obtaining membership of the society and attend the monthly and festival programmes, may contact the Secretary  at the following address :-

Vashi Fine Arts Society (Regd.)
JN-2-65, B-2, Sector-9,
Vashi - Navi Mumbai.
Phone no. 765 6507.

In June 2000 the Society had arranged 'Bharat Natyam' recitals by Kamani, Jyothi Narayanan and Archana Kolge who were trained by their Guru Smt. Vasant Sena of "Nrityalaya" a leading dance insitution in chembur. The programme was conducted at the spacious and ultra modern a/c auditorium " Vishnudas Bhave Natya Grih, Vashi (0pp) vashi bus Terminus.

Smt. Revathi Viswanathan is also a business women. She owns a silk house named DEVI SILK HOUSE selling a variety of Silk Sarees like Kanchipuram, Printed Silk, Satin Gaurd, Art Silk, Art Crape, Cotton Sarees, Towels, Dhoti, 9 Yards Sarees, Cotton and Poly Cot Dress Material etc.

JN-2 BLDG No. 65, B-2, SECTOR 9
TEL : 7656507

The shop is very popular and is open on all days except on Tuesday, which is a weekly holiday. The shop offers various schemes for the benefit of it's customers.

Navi Mumbai
July, 2000

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