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Moulded in the finest classical tradition

As India speeds towards the next millennium, her most cherished traditions flourish with new vigour. So it is with the music of Vijaya Jadhav Gatlewar. A vocalist born gifted, her gift has been raised to the pinnacle of art by the exacting tayyari and riyaz of the guru-shishya parampara.

Vijaya was initiated into Taleem by her father, Shri Dinkar V. Jadhav, a veteran exponent of the Atrauli Jaipur gharana. In 1978, Vijaya took a significant step in moulding her skill into refined classical art. She became a pupil of Pandit Nivruttibuva Sarnaik at the ITC – sponsored Sangeet Research Academy in Calcutta. As an SRA scholar, she followed a rigorous training routine for over 15 years, listening to and thinking about music to the exclusion of almost everything else. Her guru, Pandit Nivruttibuva, himself had the benefit of guidance from eminent maestros Rajabali Khan and Alladiya Khan, and evolved a style much influenced by Alladiya Khan’s vocalism.

From this proud lineage springs Vijaya’s awareness of what is most subtle and beautiful in the pure classicism of the Jaipur idiom. Even as teenager, Vijaya’s innate talent was evident. She won numerous competitions hosted by prestigious cultural institutions in and around Bombay. 

Public acclaim from the very start

In 1979 Vijaya was awarded the highly sought-after Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar Scholarship by the National Center for Performing Arts in Bombay; in 1989 followed the Best singer Award from the Bharatiya Sanskriti Sansad of Calcutta.

Today she is the custodian of a great heritage, with an enviable status among the younger generation of musicians. She is acclaimed as much by discerning audiences at sammelans and mahotsavs in India, as abroad. Her tours of the US and Canada in 1991 and 1995 were tremendously successful. Concert invitations and audiences have been growing steadily. Vijaya music is full of old-world appeal. It subscribes to the gharana discipline of gradually unfolding a raga through the formal stages of alap, bol taan and taan, with the concurrent building up of pace. 

Creating new expressions rooted in tradition.

Imagine a building taking shape; just so is the architecture of the methodical way in which Vijaya constructs raga-vistaar through carefully-crafted melodic phrases.  

Yet while steeped in tradition, her individual style is never submerged by it. She offers a rare richness of musical ideas clothed in novel forms and designs. Her long, intricate taans, demonstrating sharp accuracy in their notes, take spiral rather than conventional straight shapes … enlivened further by unique off-beat accentuations of rhythm. Her breath capacity and control are truly amazing; expressed in her speciality of behlava (spiral taans in slow motion, characteristic of the Jaipur gharana). Vijaya’s vast repertoire of uncommon ragas includes jod-ragas such as lalitagauri, Jaitashree, pat-bihag and hasanti-kedara. Her tradition-bond presentations revive nostalgic memories of bygone years.

Vijaya also excels in the lighter genres. An ‘A’ grade artiste, she is regularly heard on AIR and television and has recorded a few cassettes.

“The manner in which she unfolded basanti-kedara showed her instinctive awareness for what is subtle and beautiful in pure classicism.”

- The Times of India, 8.2.1981 

Praise from a discerning press

“Vijaya Jadhav is undoubtedly a singer of great promise and potential star material that will place her among the top ten than a decade.”

-         The Times of India, 27.3.1981

“Vijaya Jadhav does her gharana proud.”

- The Times of India, 18.3.1990

“Her uncommon fluency and sheer confidence proved Vijaya Jadhav’s mettle in no uncertain manner.”

- Deccan Chronicle, 2.1.1992

“A flawless performance … Even as one entered the auditorium, the class of this classicist asserted itself and raised one’s expectations in anticipation. In retrospect, her performance could be termed as ‘classic’.”

- Indian Express, 28.3.1995

pyaarI paga haolao, hI ibahagaDËatalaI ivalaMibata caIja itanaM AavaLlaI. paUNa- AatmaivaEvaasa, AaScaya-kxarkx dmasaasa, layaIvar AaiNa taalaavar  paUNa- kxabaU, kxsalaolaa Aavaaja AaiNa gaata Asalaolyaa ragaaMca paUNa- &aana yaa mauLo ivajayaacaM gaayana AtyaMta pa`BaavaI zrlaM. ivajayaa jaaQava ihcyaa yaa gaayanaanaM {Vacyaa ekx samaqa- gaaiyakoxcaM AaEvaasana imaLalaolaM Aaho yaata SaMkxa naahI.

manaaohr saaptaaihkx à Nov, 1980

Contact address:
Vijaya Jadhav Gatlewar
105 Maruti Vihar, Plot 65, Sector 28, Vashi,
New Bombay 400 703.
Phone : 7668775


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